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Boning Knives

As the term ''Boning'' denotes, it is verymuch extensively used in removing  all types of bones and skins from meat and fish. They are generally thin, sharp and flexible which helps in cleaning the meat. The knife is provided with a special curved blade which helps you to remove the bone as well as the skin  around any joints and it has a great flexibility which gives you the grip so that you can get the thinner cuts of the meat. Few things you need to look for in a boning knife are:

  • Blade Material
  • Handle type
  • Flexibility and
  • Sharpness.


          Boning knife comes in  many sizes. Choosing a blade that is long enough will help in reaching the bone and cut it to pieces. A cutting board is very much needed while using a boning knife since it is extremely sharp and may cause deep injury if it is not used properly. They are usually 5-6 inches long and sometimes 8-9 inches also.


Boning knives are of two types: Stiff &Flexible.

          If you want to remove bones from delicate cuts you need a flexible boning knife which usually comes smaller in size and gives you greater flexibility and control in handling. When you want to remove skin or make smaller cuts you need a stiff boning knife which has little flexibility.


          Boning knife comes with a variety of handles ranging from wood to plastic. It is all about your preference in choosing the right handle for working with an ease. Boning knife with a wooden handle is preferable as it gives a good grip in holding but at the same time if it gets rotten in water it loses the grip of the blade which makes your hold to slip away and hurting you in the process..!


Boning knife has two types of blade:

  •  straight
  • curved.

With a straight blade you have to spend more time in removing the bone and with a curved blade your work gets over soon.

          The super benefit of using boning knives are its thin blade and the way it is designed, which makes the boning faster and trimming the meat effortless which saves time. There are many brands available for boning knife which gives you good comfort and greater performance with a perfect price. Because you can get the grip near the bone or the skin, you can save time and good meat too. Boning knife does this at its best..!!