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Bread Knives

         Among the most useful knives that are used in our day to day life, the bread knife has its own unique place which helps in cutting bread. It is usually 6-10 inches in length and also has small serrated blades which helps in cutting the soft breads without crushing it.

         If you make your own bread, you need a good bread knife with good serrated teeth. This serrated edge bread knife not only helps in cutting bread but also helps in other big tasks like cutting watermelon or other similar fruits and vegetables. Few brands have wavy blades and small handles which is very useful for those who  have big hands and also for all left handed users.

         Bread knives come with different types of handles in strong bolster and beautiful shapes which makes the work  more easier. Few knives carry finger guard with broad blades that provides stronger grip and also minimizes the chances of getting cut.

         For better result place the knife in a safe place so that its edge doesn't get banged on and keep it free from moisture to prevent it from getting rusted easily and to avoid accidents if chilren are present.