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Butcher Knives

         A Butchering knife is a knife that is designed and primarilyused in butchering animal meat or dressing them. It  was developed late in the 18th century was generally used by mountain men but later on refined for modern culinary usage.

         Butchering knife usually comes with large blades which has high quality and fine sharpness. Butchering knifes haves two types of blades which are straight and curved and usually comes between 6-12 inches. The high carbon stainless steel blade helps in excellent corrosion resistance and produces accurate cuts even with large amount of products meat. It also  helped in trimming meat which is generally large and  tough.

         The butcher knife has got great handle types. The knife has wood, fibrox, plastic, stainless steel handles where fibrox handle has a greater grip and fits very handy for users hand and safe to use. Unlike cleavers though, a butchering knife cannot be useful in opening the shells of fishes like calamari or lobsters.