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Chef Knives

Only the knife knows what goes on in the heart of a pumpkin.

                                                            -Simon Schwarz Bart

         When it comes to food, a knife is of utmost importance to mankind and in this, a chef knife holds a very unique place. The chef knife is also called the "King of the kitchen". Chef refers to one who is a cooking professional as well as the chief cook in a restaurant; similarly a classic chef knife is the most important knife among other kitchen knives. A Chef knife is the go-to-tool for more than 90% of daily kitchen tasks including slicing and dicing of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.

         Chef knives blade ranges from 6-12 inches long and most people use 8 inch long blade which is perfect. The longer the blades are, the sharper the cuts will be thus saving time. Shorter blades are useful for making sharper cuts and it is mostly suited for small hands. The blade comes with high carbon steel, stainless steel, laminated and ceramic and the knife is a versatile tool for chopping and slicing.

         The edge of the knife is used for mincing and it comes with hollow ground, v-shaped, single & double bevel which helps verymuch in mincing fruits and vegetables but not meat.

         Few Chef knives carry a curved handle that might feel better for people when they use. For personal comfort one can hold the bolster part and can chop different things. (Bolster is the place where the blade and the handle meet).

         Coming to style, design and craftsmanship, the knife carries its best feature. Chef knife is available in many brands and depends on how long and how well you use it. But it can last for 30 years and more when it is used with care.