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Fillet Knives

         Fillet comes from the French language which means to cut and is referred to the art of cutting boneless piece of meat. Filleting is an important part of the whole culinary experience as it adds sophistication to the dish and its presentation. Given its importance, filleting of meat or fish is carried out with the help of a fillet knife which is verymuch in demand. It is a time consuming task indeed to fillet vegetable, meat and fish and a good fillet knife goes a long way in reducing the preparation time for a dish. Hence it is very important when it comes in choosing a fillet knife. Choosing a wrong one not only makes the cook to waste meat but also makes one's work tough and not enjoyable.

         A typical fillet knife offers blades of various sizes. The blade is usually 4 inches to 9 inches in size and the blade is very sharp, which helps in perfect filleting and especially in removing the bone and skin of a fish or meat. Choosing the right kind of blade is also an important task which fits your needs. Larger fishes needs an 9 inch blade. The blade has a curve on its edge which makes filleting easier. The knife also has a double beveled edge, which can be used by right hand as well as left hand users.

Fillet knife comes with various types of handle materials:

  • Stainless steel
  • Hard wood
  • Fibrox &
  • Plastic.

         It is very light when comes to lifting it. Buying a fibrox handle is best when handle comes into play. The main idea of buying this kind of a handle is, its slip resistant quality and highly comfortable in holding. It can be used in wet conditions and also best in slicing around the ribs and chops.

         Nowadays rechargeable cordless electric fillet knife is also available which makes the work much easier.

         If you love fish and enjoy eating different cuts of meat, then fillet knife will help in making your dish delicious...!!