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Utility Knives

         Utility knife used for utilitarian purposes were originally a fixed blade knife that was developed some 500,000 years ago when our ancestors were making knives made of stone. It has a sharp edge and slightly larger than a paring knife and too small for a chef knife. This can cut all types of products such as vegetables, fruits, herbs and meat.

         Later in the 19th  century fixed blade utility knife started to manufactured using steel blades which can be used in many works like cooking, butchering animals, wood works, arts and crafts etc.

         This small lightweight knife carries blade with 4-7 inches long and used for miscellaneous light cutting. Utility knives have two types of blades :

  • Straight edge blade
  • Serrated blade.

         The serrated blade has notches that helps in cleaning soft textured food items. The serrated blade needs sharpening occasionally where as a straight edge blade does not need sharpening. Hand wash is recommended for cleaning those blades than using dish washer since it becomes dull over time.

         The six inch or 8 inch utility knife has a long blade where as a 4 inch knife is called as a dwarf knife which needs a good control.